Dub Phizix & Strategy @ Southampton Roxx

Britain, the land of classic entertainment duos – Morcambe and Wise, Harry and Paul, Ant and Dec(?), and from the world of drum & bass, Dub Phizix and Strategy. Known for their humorous offstage antics, the Mancunian DJ and MC combo shot to fame following their collaboration with Skeptical, the moody stomper ‘Marka’, back in 2011. Concluding the current four-part Raygun/Release run at Southampton’s Roxx, the … Continue reading Dub Phizix & Strategy @ Southampton Roxx

Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

Looking like a character from a ’90s stoner flick and sounding like, well… just about everything, it’s hard to put a pin in 23-year-old Canadian multi-instrumentalist Mac DeMarco. His band’s scruffy charm and humorous onstage antics – which involve nudity, wrong notes and generally being “a bunch of immature assholes” – as DeMarco himself aptly puts – have assisted their easy blend of country, blues, … Continue reading Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

Pop Politics and Paddling Pools: Talking Image with Kate Head and Lauren Eva

A couple of weeks ago Southampton Solent University held the prestigious Music Industries Conference Day. Alongside Kerrang! Editor James McMahon, legendary A&R James Endeacott, and Marcus Russell, manager of Oasis, this year’s panellists included Kate Head, Lauren Eva and WIZ, discussing the importance of artists’ image. Ben Hindle, Music Journalism student, caught up with Kate Head, the woman behind Stoked PR (who handle Taylor Swift) … Continue reading Pop Politics and Paddling Pools: Talking Image with Kate Head and Lauren Eva

Wolfmother – New Crown

Following their temporary split in April last year, the future looked uncertain for Australian psychedelic rockers Wolfmother. Sure, there were rumours teasing at the trio’s apparently finished third album, but with an unsettled line-up, doubts were high. Thankfully the band remained intact, and have finally emerged from their murky den, leaping straight onto the bandwagon of ‘surprise’ releases that has worked so well for the … Continue reading Wolfmother – New Crown

Audio Addict: The Underground Issue

On Thursday March 20 2014, I took part in the Magazine in a Day challenge at Solent University. As the name suggests, the challenge is to take over Audio Addict magazine and build an entire magazine, website and podcast from scratch in only a day. This includes interviewing, writing, designing and producing everything. I was selected as Editor for the whole operation, and with a … Continue reading Audio Addict: The Underground Issue

Homeboy Sandman @ The Garage – London

Since his debut EP Nourishment in 2007, rapper Homeboy Sandman has gone from strength to strength, carving out his very own niche within the genre. The New Yorker already has four albums under his belt, including First of a Living Breed released through the home of eclectic hip-hop, Stones Throw, to which he signed in 2011. Now promoting his White Sands EP, produced by London multi-instrumentalist and electronic whizz, Paul White, … Continue reading Homeboy Sandman @ The Garage – London